Friday, January 15, 2016

Interfacing LCD display with PC parallel port

Interfacing LCD modules with microcontrollers is simple because most compilers have LCD libraries, but we can also interface these LCDs with PC parallel port. In this topic we are going to see how to interface the LCD display with the parallel port.
Interfacing LCD display with PC parallel port circuit:
hd44780 lcd display pc parallel port circuit

A shift register is used to minimize number of pins used by the LCD which means we need only two lines one for data and the other one for clock.
A small software is used with this interfacing, this software named Parallel Port LCD Display which allows us to write what ever we want to the LCD, this software has a window as shown below:
parallel port lcd display

First the LCD must be initialized using the button "LCD Initialize" then we can write our text on the text space up to 20 letters then click on "Write" button.
Software Download:
The interfacing software can be downloaded from the link below.
Note that Microsoft .NET Framework 4 or higher must be installed to run this software.

Interfacing LCD display with PC parallel port video:
The following video has more details about the software.